QuickRewards Is Currently Down For Unscheduled Maintenance due to recent stability issues. We are working on fixing the stability issues. We estimate that the site should be back up by 12PM EST. Stay tuned for furthur updates!
UPDATE 1: It seems the scan is taking slightly longer then usual, we are extending estimated time to 1PM-2PM. We apologize for the inconvenience.
UPDATE 2 (2:20pm est): Unfortunately the scan still continues, we will keep updating every hour on the progress of the scan.
UPDATE 3 (4:20pm est): The scan is still going. To give a better view of what is going on, our cache server was experiencing issues, thus required a restart and a checkdisk, while the server does not exactly hold any important information it is vital in being able to handle all the load. Right now the checkdisk has been in phase 2/3 for the past 4-5 hours. After it finishes we hope to see better stability. We are also working on an upgraded version of quickrewards which is almost complete. Once complete you should see quickrewards be much faster for on a daily basis.
UPDATE 4 (7:54pm est): The scan is still going, still stage 2 out of 3. We are also working to see what it would take to launch the beta site while things are down just in case.
UPDATE 5 (4:40am est): We got access to the server! we are finalizing the stuff so that we can bring the site back online.
UPDATE 6 (9:20am est): Last set of tests, ETA 10 AM EST